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A weaver using a handloom to weave cloth


Handmade in New York. 


Rolle Textiles was established in 2020 by a creative who believes exceptional products are made with the use of natural materials and human hands. Each textile created by Rolle Textiles is handwoven on traditional handlooms, resulting in a unique, earthy, and distinct cloth. 

Textiles are made in small runs and made-to-order because we are on a mission to deliver quality and character, over quantity and sameness. Designs are informed by the need to slow down fast fashion trends and demand for local and transparent textile production while preserving expert craftsmanship. 

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Wash cold with gentle detergent on a medium/delicate spin cycle. Low heat dry. Low iron press. Placemats should dry flat. Scarves should air dry.


Cold hand-wash or wash delicate with a gentle detergent. Air Dry. Low Iron Press. Do not put it in the dryer.


Wipe with a damp cloth. Weight to flatten. Do not soak.


Alpaca should be dry-cleaned because it cannot be agitated in the washer and dryer. Spot clean when necessary with a small dime-sized amount of detergent and cold water. Do not agitate or pull. Dry flat.


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