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A Closer Look At Color in 2021

Muted soft hues dominate the textile industry. Some quick market research will lead you to a lot of textiles made in flat earth tones. Perhaps it's the popularity of Biophilia design that incorporates minimalism with the use of whites, greys, and greens but this year we’ll see some bolder color trends. And while I don’t rule out any color, I love to design textiles that are warm and vibrant because I am eclectic at heart.

The current trend is leaning towards neutral earth tones that are deeper and richer in color - like the color of the sky just around the sun; the dark rusts of Moab; the first shade of spring’s leaves. Colors this year will be dynamic, decadent, and a little bit dehydrated. We also might see a lot of these neutrals combined with expressive jewel tones. These jewel tones will bring levels of energy to the neutrals that comfort us. With more of us working and spending time at home these days, we’ll want our interior spaces to have brilliant colors and raw textures that are calming and remind us of nature.

Color choice is one of the first steps in my design process. It's also one of the trickiest choices because colors can change when they are woven together. The pattern also affects the color. For example, some twills can be darker on the front side and lighter on the back. Twills do have a higher thread count and are woven close together so the color is very noticeable with these weave structures.

I have found that bolder colors are more suited on their own vs. muted colors are easier to weave together to create an interesting color combination. Lately, I’ve been into blue and purple charcoal colors. I found a similar color in paint from Sherwin Williams as Charcoal Blue. It’s an interesting color to weave with toasty neutrals like the Jute Mat I made. It’s sophisticated but relaxed. Honestly, charcoal is understated. One of the boldest colors released this year is Behr’s Broadway. You can never go wrong with dark greys because they are compatible with everything from mossy greens to indulgent reds.

Check out these colors (double click to access paint website):

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