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Phife Dog

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Mariah Rolle, and I'm the creator of Rolle. I design and make most of the textiles in the shop. 


I've always had a love for textiles, probably because they are the warmth in our homes, the comfort we choose to wear, and the tones we pick that best represent who we are. My weaving journey started after I brought my textile sketches to a local master-weaver, Sharon Kruppenbacher. After my first class, I quickly fell in love with the practicality, versatility, and creativity hand-weaving provides.


My journey has shown me how important handmade products truly are, and I hope to share this with you. Handmade products are the synergy between culture and nature, and I envision a future where more people value the importance of handmade, especially in the United States. I promise that once you feel handwoven cloth in your hands, you will understand how special it is.

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